Who Is Your Target Market?

If you sell to everyone you are selling to no one. STOP wasting your time and money selling to everyone and not getting the results or customers you want.

This worksheet will help you learn how to identify WHO your target market is.

Go through step by step process and learn how to identify who you are selling to. 

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Who Is Your Customer?

This is all about the who your customer is. What is their age, education level, family, what are their hobbies?

Ask Questions.

Get all the information you can that will help you determine how best to serve your clients.

What Are Your Pain Points?

How is your product or service going to ease the pain points your client faces? How are you going to help?

Objectives & Outcomes


Identify who your clients are

Think through this process and discover who they are, where they are etc. 


Understand your clients and what they need

Know how to better understand serve their needs


Discover what their pain points are

What solutions do you have that helps them resolve their pain points?


What action steps can you take to follow up

Set a timeline and list your action steps to follow up on

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