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Do you know what an ICA is?  Keep reading below

What is an avatar?  Who are you marketing to? What is their level of education?  Where do they spend their time?  Are they on social media?  What do they look one?

Learn how to create your own ICA and use this avatar to target your marketing efforts. Marketing to everyone is marketing to no one.

Target your marketing money, time and energy to the right audience and increase your ROI.


Are you tired of spending money on advertising and not getting any results? You are probably marketing to the wrong audience. Do you know who your target market is?


First, let’s start by creating an avatar to represent your ideal client. Also known as an Ideal Client Avatar (ICA) this will serve to narrow down who you are going to focus on marketing.

Ideal Client Avatar (ICA)

Don’t give up on setting up your SALES FUNNEL

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Set up your funnel and watch your business make money for you while you are sleeping!

Because until you’ve seen the POWER of a sales funnel and the automated opt-ins and sales it can bring you, you have no way to appreciate it’s power.

What previous clients have experienced...

Getting my event planning business off the ground was difficult. I had a hard time getting new clients to book their events with me. This went on for 2 years, I had no systems and no plan. After working with mPrint Creations I purchased this ebook and with Maggie’s help, I am now booking 3 events a month. That is huge for me! I thank all of this to mPrint Creations.


Owner, Events 4 You

Now that I have a plan, executing it is a breeze. It makes sense that I can clearly see my own story and now I am able to get my own clients to understand the why of my business. Highly recommend this ebook.

Health Coach, Body By Christine

My company launched and I had no plan. I am a self-taught coder and I just wanted to code, nothing else. Making no money year after year was not what I wanted to do. I purchased this book and have not looked back since. mPrint Creations will not disappoint.

CEO, Technology First

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