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Maintenance Plans

About My Maintenance Plans

Whether you need software updates, a special promotion, or a quick content adjustment, I will be your in-house digital marketing service expert.  

What’s in a monthly plan?

Make sure your website runs smoothly and effectively around the clock with an ongoing maintenance plan that includes:


Design and imagery.


Copywriting and editing.


Programming, regular updates, and backups.

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What’s In The Maintenance Plan?



  • WordPress, theme monitored & updated
  • Site cleared and optimized weekly
  • Plugins monitored and updated


Site is monitored & protected from malware & spam

  • Website protection
  • Daily scanning
  • Hackers & spam denied
  • Website monitoring


  • Weekly website backups
  • On and off-site backup locations
  • Daily restore points



  • I will send you a monthly report of your page views, site traffic etc.
  • Monthly google analytics report of page views, site traffic detail

  • The maintenance plans start at $99.00 per month
  • This also includes updates starting at 30 mins per month per website

What My Clients Are Saying

This is great! I will share with the board. Thanks so much.


Tera P

YOU ROCK!!!!!!! Amazing job!!!!


Sera J.

At the end of the month, I’d like you to start maintaining the website.


Renee B.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is website maintenance?

Website Maintenance services range from updates, performance, security, fixes, marketing, and migration – basically just about everything.

Why does my website need regular site maintenance?

Just like all things with technology software is updated constantly. Your website needs to be updated and protected from malware and viruses.

Regularly updating your website with fresh content (text, images, PDFs and videos, etc.) will not only gain loyalty from your visitors but provide them with a good visitor experience.

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