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Enhancing Your Non-Profit’s Efforts in Securing Funding


Meet The Presenters

Instructor: Maggie Phiri

mPrint Creations

Margaret Phiri 

Margaret has had extensive experience working in information technology, finance, and sales with such Atlanta organizations as General Electric Power Systems, PepsiCo and Automatic Data Processing (ADP), and Habitat for Humanity.

Margaret’s passion for program design became clear to her team at ADP. Not long after joining ADP as a successful Sales Training Coordinator, Margaret was promoted to the position of Program Designer and played a key role in the design, development, and publishing of the organization’s sales training materials, online tutorials, and collateral materials.

In 2010, Margaret combined her rich interpersonal skills and big-picture logic with her undeniable graphic and creative talents to launch out on her own. She is now the owner and CEO of mPrint Creations which is a full-service social media marketing firm offering website development, graphic design, web hosting, social media strategy, internet marketing, and virtual assistance.

While working at PepsiCo, Margaret served on the first elected board of the diversity council. Margaret draws her attributes to her rich African cultural heritage and diverse international experience with different nationalities having lived in Europe and Africa.

Instructor: Charde Hollins

Charde Hollins

Chardé Hollins

Chardé Hollins is an independently licensed clinical social worker with a proven record of Making Connections that Deliver Results. She is highly regarded for her ability to gain rapport and provide innovative strategies for cultural adaptations that support inclusivity for persons of color. Specializing in creating safe spaces for meaningful conversations, Chardé consults with organizations committed to increasing their cultural awareness and access to behavioral health services by naturally integrating emotional wellness supports and inclusive policies into their agencies’ culture, services, and mission. Through a strategic approach, Chardé has supported a variety of agencies in evaluating DEI practices, increasing cultural competence, expanding partnerships, and enhancing community presence.

With over ten years of experience working with justice-involved youth and trauma-affected communities, Chardé is trained in suicide prevention and trauma treatment. She formerly served as a grants manager, social worker in schools, health care, and corrections, and as an advocate for court-involved youth. Utilizing her education and diverse experiences in the workplace, Chardé uniquely integrates her skills as a clinician into developing models for engagement and delivering presentations that will last beyond the classroom.

This hour-long session is specially designed to empower non-profit organizations like yours with essential strategies and insights to boost your funding efforts and make a lasting impact on your community.

Webinar Highlights:

Working with a Grant Writer: Discover the key elements of successful grant writing and learn how to effectively collaborate with a grant writer to craft compelling proposals. Unlock the potential to access diverse funding opportunities and maximize your chances of receiving grants.

Securing Your Grants: Unravel the mystery behind grant acquisition and understand the proven methodologies to increase your organization’s success rate in securing grants. Gain valuable tips on presenting your projects in a way that resonates with funding organizations and aligns with their priorities.

Your Social Proof Matters: Explore the significance of social proof in the non-profit sector. Learn how to build and leverage a strong network of supporters, partners, and beneficiaries to enhance your credibility and attract more funding opportunities.

How Are You Representing Your Organization Online: In today’s digital age, your online presence is crucial. Discover the best practices for representing your non-profit organization online effectively. From building an engaging website to utilizing social media strategically, you’ll learn how to captivate potential donors and supporters.

Who Should Attend:

This webinar is perfect for executives, directors, fundraising professionals, and team members involved in the funding and growth aspects of non-profit organizations. Whether you’re an established organization or just starting, the valuable insights shared during the webinar will equip you to take your funding initiatives to new heights.

Join us for this enriching webinar and take a significant step towards securing the resources your non-profit needs to achieve its mission and make a meaningful difference in the lives of those you serve.


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